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What Others Say

Margaret Fitzsimons, Campbells Bay

Pilates Unlimited has been the highlight of my week for 14 years. My workouts have banished the usual lower back pain and sporting injuries that seem to catch up with you as time goes by. Carole and her team (in particular my instructor Lizzie) combine expert instruction with a deep interest in your particular needs to make exercising an enjoyable and beneficial experience.  I intend to keep going forever – I feel as if Pilates has reversed the ageing process!

Hugh & Sherry Bush, Castor Bay

Our health mantra is “Eat sensibly. Exercise regularly.” Luckily healthy food can be delicious, and exercise can be rewarding and fun. For us, Pilates Unlimited offers the perfect balance. Everything – from the excellent equipment to the expert instruction – is true to the Joseph Pilates Authentic Method. And Carole and her team manage to be fully professional, yet ever friendly and supportive. Our regular classes are tailored to our individual needs, keeping us challenged and motivated, and we leave walking taller with smiles on our faces.

Max Russell, Campbells Bay

The Team at Pilates Unlimited are all fantastic, very committed and they are very much in tune with the individual needs of each person under their care. I personally start my days on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7am with my one hour session with my instructor Ray.

John Mandeno
I am now into my 7th year at Pilates Unlimited. When my partner suggested all those years ago that I should give Pilates a try, my first reaction was “that’s a girls’ thing”! However, I was talked into it and now my two sessions a week are a “must do”. The benefits soon became clear – the elimination of lower back pain that dogged me from time to time and a general improvement in my upper body strength and posture. I guess what surprised me too was how much a a physical workout each hourly session can be, contributing to improved general fitness levels.

The studio is very well managed and all the instructors make you feel welcome and part of a big Pilates family, As a 62 year old who has always held fitness and exercise as a high priority, I can thoroughly recommend Pilates Unlimited to all.

Liz Powell, Mt Eden

I have been attending classes and having one-on-one sessions at Pilates Unlimited for around 10 years. Can I imagine life without Pilates? NO! The skill and patience of the instructors at Pilates Unlimited has made it possible for me to manage a degenerating spine, work up to, and very soon after hip replacement surgery, and generally retain a measure of fitness that would be impossible otherwise…..and, yes, age is catching up, but much less quickly than it would be otherwise. It’s also fun. The instructors are friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend Pilates as an exercise regime and the people at Pilates Unlimited for their care, professionalism and skill.

Sandy Medway, Milford

Although I have done various forms of exercise in the past including gym yoga and Pilates, I have always become bored. Since joining Pilates Unlimited four years ago and learning the “Authentic Pilates” method I am never bored. I’m so much fitter and stronger and my body so much straighter. I look forward to my lessons each week and
suffer withdrawals if I am unable to go. Many people including my colleagues ask me what I do to keep fit and I can’t recommend and praise Pilates Unlimited enough especially the highly trained instructors dedicated to reshaping me successfully

Juliet Dewes, Devonport

I have been doing Authentic Pilates at Pilates Unlimited for 12 years. I have not had any trouble with my back since then. Pilates’ has also given me the strength to stay injury free during long distance running, tennis, and all the other activities of day to day life.

Pilates Unlimited offers well taught and challenging classes that with my busy schedule are great as part of my exercise routine. Being part of a studio that is aligned with the True Authentic Pilates Method is important to me – why reinvent the wheel – Joseph Pilates taught the “Art of contrology”, which of course eventually became known as Pilates.

Helen Davies, Northcote Point

Pilates has played a role in my life for the past 10 years. The decision to take up Pilates was part of a process aimed at simplifying and destressing my lifestyle and focusing on family. I needed to be fit and healthy to enjoy my family and I wanted an activity that was challenging now but would also cater for me in later years. The studio is compact but offers a huge range of quality equipment which ensures that I’m never bored. The team of instructors are world-class, extremely personable and very professional.

For me two one-on-one sessions a week plus a couple of strenuous walks seem to keep me on an even keel both physically and mentally. Pilates is a form of insurance that will enable me to enjoy good health and mobility in the decades ahead.

Grant Easter, Northcote Point

When my wife suggested I try Pilates and bought me one session as a hint, I thought I’d do that one session and casually be too busy thereafter. Two years later I’m still there and hate missing a session!

I’ve got a broken lower back and have always had back pain – no longer. After an afternoon in the garden, next day saw me bent like an old man – no longer. My old idea of touching my toes was my knees, now I can touch my toes.Going to the gym, I just got bored and worked out whilst thinking about my day.At Pilates, twice a week, my hour flies by and I never think about business, that relief alone is worth the money! I absolutely feel younger, fitter and have much more flexibilty than I thought possible.

It’s as much about how my body feels as my attitude that’s changed. I certainly feel 10 years younger, ask my wife!

Barbara Collie

I have attended Pilates Unlimited for the past 7 years and worked with Laiza & Ray for all of this time as my one on one instructors. Both Ray & Laiza being experienced Certified Authentic Pilates Level Instructors they have developed a good understanding of my exercises needs. From this they has been able to implement a routine to accommodate my disabilities due to having Multiple Sclerosis. Pilates is a vital part of an exercise programme for me and I have shown a marked improvement throughout the 7 year period. The team at the Pilates Unlimited Studio are always bright, friendly, welcoming and professional. I would recommend people with disabilities or injuries investigate the possibility of joining a class or a one on one session.

Nicky Hume, Devonport

In the simplest of terms, by having a regular schedule with Pilates Unlimited I have one of the best things sorted of my list of things to do. Several times a week I have the guiding hands of wonderful instructors taking me through the range of exercises that strengthen, tone and keep me flexible. Their qualifications and on going training in this extremely well run studio ensures my body is in good hands.

Chris Hume, Devonport

I’ve worked out that to maintain the active life I enjoy, I will forever need to keep strengthening, toning and maintaining flexibility. Pilates Unlimited is my ticket to having that sorted. The Instructors have me so focused during my regular sessions that the benefits are with me every day

Carmel Byrne

I have been a client of Pilates Unlimited for over 14 years. During that time my enthusiasm for Pilates has continued to grow as I enjoy the benefits of improved strength, flexibility, balance and alignment in my day to day life. As well as the physical benefits, I also find Pilates great for stress relief. The concentration required to do the exercises means I can’t focus on anything else at the time!

I have always found the team at Pilates Unlimited to be highly professional, well trained and adept at keeping our sessions both interesting and challenging. Their enthusiasm is infections and one of the great benefits of working out at the studio is the combination of hard work and lots of fun.

Rogan Hampson, Browns Bay

After attending your Pilates Studio for nearly 5 years now that I am so grateful to you for encouraging me to come along. At the time I was booked in for a knee replacement, and was about to give up playing touch rugby in the summer.

I turned 70 in March, still have my original knees and am still “in a fashion” playing touch rugby. I also play tennis and can walk around the golf course twice a week without pain. The friendly atmosphere at Takapuna Beach authentic Pilates and the professional one on one training inspires me to attend twice a week without fail unless I am out of town.

Your studio and the people there feel like family when I walk in and I always walk out with a spring in my step and I fell stretched and balanced.

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