Our private sessions and classes

The Method

The Pilates Method is a system of exercises using a series of unique movements. Joseph Pilates designed these exercises, which combine stretching and strengthening using apparatus with spring resistance and mat exercises.

Authentic Pilates is an exercise system that works from the inside out and strengthens what he called the “Powerhouse” the Powerhouse is the deepest muscles in the abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks. He described his work it as the “Art of Contrology” which encompasses the six principles.
Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breathing and Flow.

Regular Pilates practice reshapes your body by lengthening your body and strengthening your stomach muscles. You will stand with better posture, improve your circulation, realign your body, tone your muscles without bulking up and increase strength and flexibility. Authentic Pilates is the ultimate mind and body exercise.

There are over 500 original exercises taught at Pilates Unlimited. We teach a challenging workout for people of all ages and fitness levels as well as those rehabilitating injuries or physical conditions. As Joseph Pilates said “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”.

How do I get started

The best way to learn Pilates is with regular private lessons twice a week. We offer a Starter Pack for new clients that includes five private lessons and two free mat classes to get you started. These lessons can be booked at a time to suit you.

Private lessons typically begin with some work on the Reformer apparatus, bringing awareness to alignment and working from the powerhouse. The instructors will then teach selected exercises on the mat and other apparatus to address your particular needs and goals. Over time, the sessions will include more advanced exercises and different pieces of equipment to provide a constantly challenging and varied workout—so you never get bored!

Mat classes and tower classes are a great option for clients with a good understanding of the method. The studio also offers duo lessons for two people of a similar level—this can be a good way to work out with a family member or friend. Email or phone (09 486 1018) to make a booking.



The best way to maximise results and the understanding of the Method is by having one-on-one private sessions twice a week. Depending on your commitments, talk to us and we can put together a programme that works for you.


Duo 1 Hour


The duo workouts are popular with clients who have a full understanding of the method and have been a client for some time. Duo sessions are to be approved by the studio and partners must be at the same level. If one duo partner is unable to keep the appointment the other has the opportunity to do a one hour one-on-one or to reschedule with their duo partner.



Semi-Private Classes (4-6 people)


Semi-Private Mat/Apparatus Classes are open to all Pilates Unlimited Clients. Please note that prior to joining in the mat class you have to have attended a beginner course or 10 one-on-one private sessions. This ensures clients have a good knowledge of the Pilates Method and can do group sessions safely. To attend a class this must be approved by the studio. Numbers in the class are limited therefore bookings are essential.


Tower Classes


These classes are aimed at the level of the group. To participate, you need to be at a good intermediate level. The Tower Class combines the mat work with the wall unit apparatus to achieve a workout that is all about stretch and strength with control and resistance. The classes are for 4 people at a similar level of experience. Knowledge of the apparatus is required for safety reasons. Bookings essential. Download timetable